24 April, 2012

3 Star Hotel courtesy of Asda Breakdown!

Well its been a while since I blogged mainly because we've done practically nothing since my last blog! Gaz returned to London First Class with Air France courtesy of Asda Breakdown and I stayed in Font with the dogs and the horses while waiting for the van to be repaired. Basically I've just spent the last week getting rained on and amusing myself on the internet with my Orange dongle (money well spent). At least I've made a start on my Equine Sciences Academy Barefoot course which is impressively good!

Mr VW on his 3rd recovery truck in 3 weeks!
You may wonder why I've posted a pic of Mr VW on the recovery truck?....

This morning I was pretty sure I wasn't going to make the ferry before the doggy Pet Pasports had to be re-done for tapeworm but I picked up the van at 11am and just thought 'Oh well, never mind, at least I'll get to the UK tomorrow'. So I drove to the field and collect the dogs to go back to the vets for a second dose of tablets. I went to start the van with dogs on board (thankfully not horses!) and it made the horrendous hedgestrimmer noise again. 'F...ing Great!' is what I thought! After that it wouldn't start again hence why he is back on another recovery truck!!!!!!!

So I have spent the day swaying between the thoughts of 'Oh my God, I'm lost for words, I can't F...ing believe it' and ' Oh well lets just try to be jolly and think of all the much worse things that can happen in life'. I think I may be completely doing Gaz's head in cos my bad moods last about the few minutes that I'm actually ranting but then I can talk myself out of them pretty fast. He doesn't like to hear it when he's P....ed off and and I'm saying it doesn't really matter and are lives aren't exactly terrible!

I've definately come to the conclusion from all this that I have a pretty good positive attitude in life but it is pretty hard sometimes! Anyway it seems that although I posted this morning on Facebook that I was starting to struggle with turning negatives into positives it seems that this negative has managed it after all....

Happy doggies on their own personal 3 star bed!
Ted, Mog and I are now in a very nice 3 star hotel in Nemours courtsey of Asda Breakdown via IMA! We're definately pretty happy right now and have got ourselves nicely settled in for the night. So now I'm feeling sorry for Gaz who's having to do all the work to pay for my seemingly expensive hobby!