21 May, 2012

Training at Southwell Racecourse with Beccy Broughton

Well I haven't blogged for a while because I have been extremely busy settling back into the UK.

Last week I went on a hunt ride with the Atherstone Hunt with my mum riding Elsa and me riding Arco. It was lots of fun and the ponies did very well barefoot after there introduction to lots of English grass!

The highlight of my return to the UK has to be the training afternoon with GB Endurance rider Beccy Broughton at Southwell racecourse organised by Sport Endurance. Beccy gave me loads of useful tips for training Elsa and Arco and I was very pleased that she seemed to really like them and was interested to know that they were Hispano-Arabe. Hopefully I can put what Beccy told me into practice and qualify Elsa through the lower levels this year. It will be interesting to see how their feet do hold up now they are on a UK diet. I can't wait to go on Beccy's Endurance Summer Camp in August!