Epic-Adventures is the story of my life living off-grid in rural Catalunya with my partner, Gaz (a professional rock-climber) and our growing collection of animals. The more time I have spent on the net researching all the unusual aspects of our life I came to realise that maybe what we've learnt could be off use to others, hence my blog. I hope you enjoy reading about all the random things we get up to and maybe learn something from our experiences!
In the Beginning…
My name is Kate and I started off live as a fairly normal girl, born and bred in Barnsley, Yorkshire. I say normal but I’m not sure if that’s entirely true being that I was brought up on a small holding with a wild array of animals and have both Irish and Polish grandparents! I excelled at school in almost every subject (art probably being the exception), completed my A levels and off I went to University in Leeds.
So what happened next?
My Further Maths teacher suggested I become an actuary, hence the idea of a degree in Mathematics with Finance. But the problem was that I had taken up rock-climbing at school alongside my other hobby of horse riding and so I rarely made it to Uni!
In the year 2000 I travelled to Arco, Italy on a climbing trip with friends and there I bought a belt with the slogan ‘Live a Not Normal Life’. Perhaps this was a sign?
Cubells in the fog
So I never became an actuary, instead I rode racehorses and travelled around the world on climbing trips. I’ve always tried to work out where I want to be and what I want to do and never been able to. Where I am now seems pretty great – living on a field in a van in Northern Catalunya – so lets see where I end up from here!