My name is Morgana and I am a Podenco (even though I look like a wolf!). I am 9yrs old and I came to live with Kate and Gaz last year when their beautiful little Podenco Sandi died. I'm so glad they rushed straight out to the nearest rescue centre to look for another little doggy with sticking up ears! I had lived in the kennels for 8yrs since I was 3 months old and was absolutely terrified of everything, I was basically wild. 

Well now I am not wild at all, although I do like to randomly bark at people. I like to wear a nice little fleece coat at night and my favourite place is a comfy sofa. Although when I am outside I like to run around like a maniac I am very happy just to snooze the rest of the time.

The reason I am speaking to you is that their are many other doggies like me in the kennels in Spain. We are bred as hunting dogs and often get lost and our owners never come to rescue us. Many people think that the rescue centres here shouldn't keep dogs like me for so long but if they hadn't I wouldn't have the wonderful life I have now, infact I would have never had any life whatsoever. 

If you would like to have one of the best doggy friends in the world please contact Kate and Gaz and they will help you look for a doggy like me. Sandi was their bestest doggy in the whole wide world and she was a Podenco and now I am their new bestest doggy (no offence Ted!)

Hope to see you in Spain one day when you come to find your own Podenco!